A little of our history...

The first Jewish immigrants came to live in Andorra during the 2nd world war as Andorra served as a passageway between Spain and France, through which Jewish refugees fled from the Nazis.

The greater immigration to Andorra took place in the 1960's, specifically in 1967, and originated in the north-Moroccan town of Larache. Hundreds of Jews fled Morocco during the conflict between the state of Israel and the Arab countries, and especially when the 6 days war broke out.

ACIV was founded in 1998. Before that it was impossible to establish this sort of foundation under the Andorran law considering that it was and is a catholic state.

Although the name includes the name "Israel", most of the Jewish community in Andorra is, as said, from Morocco, with members from Argentina, Spain, Israel and more.

ACIV is the meeting point of the religious and cultural live for the Jewish community of Andorra.


President of the Community: Isaac Benchluch Ayach

Vice President of the Community (religious comission): Baruj Rodriguez

Vice President of the Community (cultutal comission): Mercedes Abitbol